Creators Do It Differently Than The Herd: How To Be A Creator

I read this post last week. I can’t quite explain it but it really struck something with me and it changed how I approached the rest of my week. I had to come back and share!!

Rex Sikes' Daily Inspiration and Gratitude

horizons single flower red dawn

“Have you ever been in the presence of a person who just has ‘it’? You know what I mean. A person who walks into a room and their energy draws everyone to them like moths to a flame. Heads turn. People notice and want to move closer. They are something special;

This person is filled with positive, irresistible presence and charisma. It is positive energy. Positive high vibrations. Whatever words you want to use this is how you want to live moment to moment. You want to vibrate high and be filled with positive, powerful energy.

You Are A Light To The World

Think of yourself as a beacon.  Are you shining powerfully bright so all can see or are you a dim bulb? Illuminate yourself and you illuminate the world. Creators, those people who live powerfully live differently from the herd. They live as champions and emperors.

You can too! Do what they…

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