Negativity breeds Negativity right?

How do you respond to negativity?

I have identified negative people around me. I don’t necessarily mean they are bad people. But I see that they bring me down and want me to agree with their judgements.

I admit, at times I do get involved in these conversations. But I am seeing the benefits of stepping away.

I am talking about work life, where people are always talking about each other and what isn’t right and who can or can’t do this.

The hard bit is I don’t want to isolate myself and I do get on with these people the majority of the time.

But I am going to be mindful of what (who) we are talking about and what my input is.

Joining in with these conversations only adds fuel to fire too.

Being kind is huge key to happiness so it is important not to gossip and to be nice.

I will let you know how I get on.

Have a great day.

C xx


6 thoughts on “Negativity breeds Negativity right?

  1. echaifoo says:

    I avoid gossip, but when I am approached with gossip I tilt my head and say something positive about that person of intended gossip or I just nod and say I have to get something done. After so many times they stop trying. Positivity at work is contagious! Keep working hard on being positive. BTW, I enjoyed your post.

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    • pocketfullofhappy says:

      I like the idea of saying something positive, I am going to do this! Though I think getting out of the situation is most likely and the easier option! Thank you for your comment, I will definitely keep trying xx


  2. strongernow says:

    Often I find, when negative people realize that they cannot use you as a sounding board, that you are not responding to their negativity, they either give up on the negativity or they leave your circle! Simply staying unmoved and unaffected by them also works! i like to imagine myself as transparent or like air when I am near negative people, their words just pass right though without any effect! All the best with this, it is a good habit to cultivate and leaves more space in your life for more positive people and things to come in.


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