My tips to staying calm against the small things..

So, I am one of these people where the small things can really get to me.

I get stressed if I am running a little bit late, I lose anything etc.. I know I am not on my own here, however, I don’t like being stressed about the things that don’t matter.

I have been working on this, successfully I should add.

Here are my top tips..

1) I ask myself a series of questions: ‘How bad is this really?’ ‘What is the worst that can happen?’ ‘Does it hurt?’.. You get the gist, anything along these lines.

2) I remind myself that I don’t want this to stress me out, I don’t want to be ‘that’ person.

3) I stay calm and think about my breathing, if I don’t do this.. It only gets worse! I make more mess or I get hot and bothered and so on.

4) If possible, I take time out. Leave the room and come back in five or ten minutes.

Basically this morning, I got a tube to Waterloo and missed my train. Jumped on the next one and turns out it stops at the station near my house. I could have left my house later and not missed the train if I had done my research properly. This would have had me in a right tizz a couple of months ago. But not today, nope! I’m on a train that I can afford and I have water, food, phone, book etc and am on my way to a great weekend. I’m lucky.

Please share your tips of coping with the small things!

C xx


2 thoughts on “My tips to staying calm against the small things..

  1. Charlene Spillane says:

    I also focus on my breathing – and lately I’ve been putting on my favourite classical musical pieces and listening to them with my headphones on. I find it really calms me and allows me to clear my head 🙂
    Another wonderful post – your blog makes me VERY happy! X


  2. dejaju says:

    Aww! That is so cool that you try hard to better yourself and calm your stress. Lots of people don’t and blame others and situations for their outbursts. Well done and keep going!! I will certainly be trying these things. Hope you had a great weekend xx

    Liked by 1 person

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