Making time to connect with friends old and new..

Lconnectionast night was one of those classic situations.. I have had plans for ages to catch up with two friends over dinner and when it came to it, could I be bothered??

I know how that sounds. But it is true. Absolutely nothing to do with the company, I honestly love them! Just a Wednesday night where I thought I would rather be tucked up on the sofa.

Fast forward to being at the meal, the journey home and this morning, am I pleased I went? 100%. Am I happier for going? Absolutely.

Staying connected/reconnecting with friends is so important to our wellbeing.

I know how it is, life gets in the way and we are all so busy bla bla. But..It IS up to us to make sure it happens. If you set a date, unless it is absolutely necessary, keep the date!

Here are some ways I connected in the last month:

  • I met with an old colleague that I hadn’t seen for about three years, I’m still feeling good about that!
  • I messaged a friend I hadn’t spoken to in about three years but I still thought about often. We caught up just over text, turns out she has had a baby and I got to see a photo and everything – so lovely.
  • Starting this blog and getting to talk to so many interesting people.
  • Volunteering at a charity event – (This, I nearly cancelled for the whole week leading up to it and turns out it was the best thing I did, I was on such a high afterwards)

It can be tempting to go with our current feelings and come up with excuses to as to why we haven’t got time to socialise or meet new people, but it is almost guaranteed you will feel better if you ignore such feelings and remember why you agreed or set up the date in the first place!

Why don’t you try it this week? I’m not really one for phone calls, so even a quick text to someone to show you are thinking about them could make that difference.

Please feel free to share what you do to connect/reconnect 🙂




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