Weekly goals

It’s Monday morning and I have set this weeks goals.

I have been setting weekly goals since the New Year. Some I have stuck to and others seem to have fizzled out. I’m hoping this blog will help me get back into this idea and help me to keep at it.

At the end of the week, I will review my three goals and consider if I want to take them forward.

So this weeks winners are:

1) Exercise at least 20minutes   each day. I want to get into this habit anyway, but also I am attending a wedding on Saturday and would like to feel fresh and energised for it.

2) Avoid gossping at work. I’m concerned that I am getting into a habit of this and want to stop, it simply isn’t good for the soul or positivity.

3) Pamper self at least three times. Self-care is important. I always feel better after it and find that generally I feel more relaxed if I know I am looking after myself.

I have decided I will have a great Monday and brilliant week, come rain or shine.

Happy Monday everyone!


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