I beat the stress…

So scientists have said that walking can release stress. I have never liked the idea of having to go on a walk to release such feelings. To me, it seemed like a bit too much effort.

I would say I get stressed more than I should (though credit to myself, I am getting better!). There are times with¬† my other half where I know I am overreacting. I have a bad habit of stressing over things that haven’t happened yet and I am really working on this.

Yesterday morning I found myself feeling upset/stressed/frustrated. I was in bed in the morning and I was stewing over something and winding myself up.
With everything I have learned recently around happiness, I knew I had to find away around this..

I decided to get out the house, it was a gorgeous day yesterday so why not. I must admit, I then convinced myself it was a silly idea and that I should stay in bed as it is Saturday morning after all. And then some how before I knew it, I had left my phone at home and I was out the door.

The first five minutes of walking I was stressed still and my thought pattern was still pretty negative. I walked for a while and eventually stopped off for a herbal tea and sat outside watching the world go by. I would say at this point I recognised my thought pattern starting to change.. I started to put things into perspective and I asked myself ‘is this the worst thing in my life right now?’ Because if it is, life must be pretty good, right? I also referred back to Paul Dolan, ‘lost happiness is lost forever’. I am never going to get this moment back, so quit ruining it. So I did. I finished up and felt ready to speak to my partner like an adult and I can honestly say I felt happy and even a little proud of myself.

I also finished up by doing my weekly shop which is always a chore – Such a good feeling today that it’s all done.

It is hard to know if it was the walking, the sunshine, the herbal tea or getting my shopping out of the way that really helped, but either way, I was so positive by the time I got back in the house. My partner and I didn’t fall out at all over this and we had a brilliant day exploring London!


Beautiful day exploring Richmond

I think, if circumstances allow, just getting out of the current situation and giving yourself space and time to think things through can be a great way to de-stress.

Oh, and the thing I was stressed all week about in the first place? It wasn’t even a problem. Typical me.

My only issue is what to do when it is raining outside… Any ideas??


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